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HappyLetter is The Simple Way for Writers to Publish a Premium Newsletter.

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"With HappyLetter, I have the freedom and flexibility I need to deliver my best work to those who choose to support it directly. A total win for both writers and readers.”
- Patrick Rhone, Author of This Could Help and Minimal Mac

It Could Not Be Simpler to Launch & Manage a HappyLetter:

Step 1: Create a Newsletter, Set a Fee
Set a monthly subscription fee for your newsletter. We'll give you a unique URL to send to your fans, followers and community to subscribe.

Step 2: Send your letters
Publish letters as often as you want from anywhere by simply emailing a secret email address.

Step 3: Cash Out
Collect your subscription fees automatically. Your money is collected securely via your own Stripe account and should arrive a week after funds are collected.
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